Gather high-quality, actionable data through customer surveys. Robust survey management interface with analytical capabilities.

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No complex workarounds for customization; it's all straightforward. Highly intuitive reporting and analytics feature to derive a whole lot of insights. Easy-to-use filter function that lets you pull out the desired data by participant group or categories—no matter how much ever the audience size is.

ArcSurvey is a customer survey tool that collects real-time feedback and then analyzes customer data to provide actionable insights.

Conversational Forms. More & better responses

|Customize for Personalized Interaction

Create templates with the design and color of your choice, along with the custom elements that suit your target audience group. Keep questions conversational to give them a one-on-one talk feel. Add skip question feature to allow them to move on to the next one smoothly.


|BData Integrity

Be assured that the hard-earned data never goes down the drain! Every incoming data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL and gets stored in a dedicated database. In ArcSuvey, you can encrypt the forms to ensure that your data is secure and can be read by none.


|Audience Communication

Communicate with the audience through emails and in-app notifications. Receive instant alerts whenever a survey submission is made and alert participants or a group of audience on their forthcoming surveys—less chaotic back-and-forth communication.



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ArcSurvey Top Features

Survey forms

Build participant-friendly survey forms to hear as many voices as possible. Make it impressive and professional-looking with your customization.

Set up the form questions by using any of the question types. Group questions under each section and rearrange the questions if needed. Configure the progress bar to let users know how far they have progressed with the form.

For a more interactive experience, add logic to throw questions based on answers in the previous steps. Customize the form with the logo and other brand components.

Data Driven Decision
Discover & Nurture Leads
Survey Management

Manage the survey data and user profile from a single location. Set up controls to restrict the access.

From this page, download the survey results, get a quick preview of the survey, and clone the survey for any other activity. You can set up user profiles and send survey invite emails or reminders to all in one go.

Apply filters to search any user's survey results or categorize the survey results based on any attribute and explore the output in a list view..

Survey Data & Reports

Survey results are analyzed and insights are presented in an easy-to-interpret format

The application pools the survey data and visualizes the trend observed in the form of charts, helping you derive the key insights of the survey. Also, get a summarized view of the results if you want to know how respondents have replied to a specific category.

Download the survey results in PDF format as a report and share the link with stakeholders for easy access.

Personalized Engagement

Ready to get started

Ready to get started

With easy-to-understand visualizations, teams can enrich themselves with a birds-eye view of their operations and work towards delivering an impressive customer experience. Some of the prominent features are

  • Capability to customize visualizations
  • Generate reports on any KPIs
  • Drill down data reporting

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