People processes don't have to be complex. They should be simple, straightforward, and empower both
employers and employees.

Employees can easily access what they need, when they need it, with minimal effort using our HRM software. Our intuitive self-service portal allows them to request HR transactions and access benefits enrolment, PTO, pay stubs, and more.

Managers receive actionable insights to lead their teams effectively—workforce cost analysis, overtime trends, pay analysis, etc. Additionally, they'll receive notifications and alerts to prevent delays and make real-time decisions to fast-track processes.

Effortlessly set up new processes, change process flows/policies, or redesign your organization structure with ArcHRM. Have an HR management system that aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Streamline your HR tasks by automating all administrative duties, eliminating friction in core HR activities. Set up workflows for approvals and automate onboarding processes and benefits administration for efficient management. Say goodbye to paperwork and manual dependency.

Our accelerated launch process ensures that you are up and running in the shortest turnaround time. Get assisted by our experts on data migration, configuration, training and system evaluation.

Employee Engagement software
Empowered Managers
Agile & Flexible
Automated Core HR
Easy to Implement

Unify your HR tasks in one convenient platform. Generate insights to create engaging employee experiences


Extend a warm welcome to your new hires with our seamless onboarding process. Streamline every aspect of the onboarding
journey, from completing essential forms like I-9 and W-4 to securing authorizations and introducing them to business. Personalize the onboarding experience to match the job type and other specific requirements.

Effortlessly share the onboarding link to new hires and keep a track on the list of activities they complete. Map the training programs curated for the new hires. Engage new hires from day one!

Save time
Benefits Communication


Manage all your benefits programs and handle them with ease through our user-friendly interface. Automate all the painstaking admin works like sending enrolment invites to new hires and calculating deductions for a simplified process flow.

With ArcHRM's comprehensive benefits screen, gain complete visibility over employees' enrolment status, send reminders when needed, and empower administrators to make adjustments to coverage policies, rates, and more

Employees can request changes to their benefits plan directly from the benefits screen. Admins receive immediate notifications of benefit change requests. An HRM software that benefits multiple stakeholders.

Learning & Career Growth

Empower your people with continuous learning from day one. Provide them with the tools and learning modules so that they pick their own choice. Identify the skill gaps, and personalize the training modules with content apart from their functional area, helping them become well-rounded individuals.

Integrate learning into every stage of the employee lifecycle and set learning milestones. Our HR management system's learning module is a one-stop place to manage the learning plans, course catalogs, and training programs associated with different departments.

Upskill workforce
HR Insights software

HR Analytics

Generate clear and helpful reports to support proactive decision-making. Easily extract insight from areas like PTO usage, benefit summaries, compensation, recruitment, and employee turnover. Customize your dashboard with most relevant KPIs for your business needs.

Additionally, keep track of approvals to ensure smooth HR operations. Gain a comprehensive view of employee performance with feedback from both managers and reporting managers.


You know your people better when ArcHRM and ArcTime works as one tool.

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ArcHRM simplifies daily HR admin work and centralizes employee data, making it easy to access any HR information.

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Some of the key benefits of ArcHRM are
a. 360° Employee View—from data to documents
b. Smart Onboarding—reduced admin time
c. Automated one-step/multi-step HR processes
d. Track work hours & days off accurately
e. Dedicated space for employees to raise issues

There are several intelligent workflows specific to every module to fast track the process. One such example is e-signature. HRAs can have new hires to digitally sign the new hire forms or any other mandatory documents. A digital enabler like this will cut down the time to complete a process.

Yes. You can integrate ArcHRM with third party career portals, and it comes integrated with ArcCalendar, an appointment scheduling software to fix interview schedules and other discussions.