Keep your sales organized, optimize every step of sales cycle, and win customers.

It's all about leads and customers. Understand who they are and what they need, then make well-informed decisions to nurture them through robust interactions. Gain a complete view of all customer interactions right here!

Easily track how opportunities/leads move through the sales cycle over time. Identify any roadblocks or areas needing special attention. Refine your strategy for faster sales!

Research shows that companies with integrated sales, marketing, and customer service drive revenue growth. With ArcCRM, you get exactly that. Every stakeholder sees the same data and operates on the same playbook to build a better customer experience.

Connect with your customers at the right time with the right deal to build lasting relationships. Identify user behavior, preferences, and engage them through personalized interactions to increase your customer retention rate.

Automate time-draining activities in sales reps' day, such as sending follow-up emails and thank you notes. Similarly, automate the process of alerting them to their next actions due in response to a user—e.g., calling a lead when they fill out a contact us form.

ArcCRM is easy to set up and simple to navigate. With self-help prompts at every screen, users are guided through with minimal learning curve. All you need to do is set up your own sales funnel, add leads, and get started.

centralized hub
faster and smarter sales
Cross-team Collaboraton
Increased Retention
Task Automation & Workflows
easy to scale

The all-in-one functionality to keep your sales and marketing teams focused

Pipeline Management

Customize your pipeline to reflect the stages in your sales cycle. With this setup, you'll know exactly at what stage every opportunity or lead is in your sales process.This gives you a heads up on who to follow up with next and the next steps your sales reps need to take to drive leads through the pipeline.

ArcCRM provides a complete overview of your sales cycle and the activities your sales team pursues.

crm lead information
contact management platform

Unified Contact Management

A one-stop centralized place for your sales reps and customer service reps to quickly access customer data to drive better conversations with them. Every stakeholder in the loop is fully aware of customer's entire history, and sees what every other see.

A customer's full journey is captured on ArcCRM's contact management platform—from the initial step to their journey until date. Utilize this data to optimize your marketing efforts and make informed decisions.

Personalized Communication

Build campaigns that address customers' specific needs to establish a personalized connection with them with them. Likewise, be swift in reaching out to new opportunities. You can automate nurture sequences and other follow-up communications through drip campaigns

Use ArcCRM's prebuilt email templates to speed up engagement with prospects and other target groups. You can even schedule emails if your prospects are based in different time zones. ArcCRM comes with built-in dialer to help sales rep connect with leads instantly.

email templates
sales and marketing workflow

Actionable Insights

Name any report and you'll find it in ArcCRM. From forecasting sales to predicting future revenue and tracking conversion rates to analyzing historical sales performance, ArcCRM's insights help businesses optimize their sales and marketing workflow for better outcomes, mainly profitability.

The sales and marketing dashboard helps leaders identify winning sales strategies, best-performing campaigns, and uncover bottlenecks. Additionally, users can create custom reports to track any custom metric.

Carefully crafted for your industry

  • Distribution

  • Non Profit

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

ArcCRM is a cross-functional action-based CRM to build value-added relationships with customers throughout theri journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need answers? Find them here..

Archarina is a SaaS-based application provider that develops digital solutions to transform how every business function in an organization operates. At a broader level, these applications automate otherwise complex processes across departments and help teams to work efficiently.

A customer relationship software (CRM) is a tool to manage customer interactions facilitated by sales, marketing, and customer service teams in a business. It's a one-stop place for all customer-related data. Sales teams use it to manage the sales funnel, viz., the journey from the opportunity phase to the qualified phase. Marketing teams gather customer behavior data and personalize their campaigns to better traction. Customer-facing teams can generate massive amounts of data from ArcCRM to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

ArcCRM gives you every other capability to build a strong relationship with your customers. Some of key benefits are
a. Built-in phone and email
b. Identify the best leads
c. Clear visibility of sales funnel
d. Have relevant conversations
e. Effective handling of sales pipeline
f. Automated actions using workflow

Unlike others, ours is a straightforward CRM software. Therefore, it is simple to set up, and you can hit the ground quickly. There will be user-friendly prompts and other directions to make your transition from one screen to another smoother. Ultimately, there's no learning curve at all!

Yes. It is possible. This CRM tool comes integrated with ArcCalendar, which lets you schedule initial calls, follow-up calls, or any other calls for that matter with your leads

Yes. It has specific sales focussed capabilities like automated lead & pipeline management, contact detail & activity management, and specific space to identify new leads and nurture promising leads.